Friday, 11 May 2012

1 week, 24 photos a day

To represent how digital photography, particularly of late with compact and phone cameras, is becoming about documenting the activities of our everyday lives I captured a period of my life on my iPhone. Digital photography utilises the accessibility and instantaneity of its format, enabling people to take quick images and share them online in seconds. As a result photography in this respect means people are becoming less considerate of what they take pictures of and capture a variety of shots of their day to day life, simply because they don't have a limited amount of photographs available to take (as opposed to film). This allows people to use photos as another means of communication, for instance rather than saying 'eating a delicious cupcake at Hummingbird,' the person can simply take a picture of that cupcake and share it online. Resultantly people are beginning to accumulate a vast collection of online photography, baring more resemblance to a story documenting their lives than occasional the photographic 'moment' as originally described by Kodak.

I decided to capture shots on my phone for a week, taking 24 photos each day relating to the number of hours in a day and 24 exposure film. I wanted these pictures to be taken at regular intervals or certain time slots of whatever I was doing, removing the decision from me of when and what to take photographs of, reflecting the notion of snap shot photography of everyday events (as mentioned above). I decided to take these pictures half-hourly, 09.00–20.30 as it covered the main breadth of the day.

Below are the pictures from each day.

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