Friday, 11 May 2012

1 week, 7 photos

In contrast to the digital side of my outcome (previous blog post), the analogue portrayal produces far more considered photographic pieces. This was done to represent how analogue photography is always limited by the number of exposures in a film, dissimilar to digital where enormous amounts of images can be taken in succession. Therefore people are more particular about what is worthy of a picture, likening to Kodak's 'moment' photography of a more selective approach.

I decided to take a single chosen picture each day, which represents this considered approach, contrasting against my depiction of the current state of digital photography. This gives a small insight as to my activities of the day, rather than less rationally deliberated photos that depict a more detailed yet rigid account of my day. The pictures are in black and white to represent the tradition and heritage around analogue photography.

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